Un esperimento inusuale che funziona alla grande

Apr 07, 2021

What started as a simple test to increase engagement and goodwill has led to a massive boost in sales.

The secret is INBOUND TEXTING.

(…Which is a fancy way of saying, “Let people text you if they need something.”)

Watch the video above to see a blueprint of how it works …and to see how to create a “text-getting sequence”.

Test this out and let me know how it does for you. It’s really working well for me, and I’d love to get some more data from other companies that use the approach so I can put together a comprehensive study for you.

Oh! And if you have any questions about our courses or services …just text us at 1-858-239-1008.

That’s a real text number that comes straight to my office here in San Diego.

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